WebWake wants to help get you online and get you noticed.

We support our customers by educating them, so that they know everything they need to know about having a website. We want our customers’ websites to do well, as it reflects on our own business. If a customer’s website looks great and is doing its job, people will talk and pass on the good word, as they have done many times.

With our easy navigation, we want you and your website visitors to be able to find what they are looking for quickly, then take that next step of getting in contact, or making that purchase of your goods and services.

The price of a website can depend on various factors. We will ask questions like; Is the website only meant to provide information (Brochure) or is it a selling tool (E-commerce)? Also, do you need the facility to make your own website updates (CMS – Content Management System)?


WebWake will ask you questions about your website requirements.

What about Social Media?

The benefits of having social media linked to your website:

  • Future customers can be directed to your website via your social media pages.
  • Having a continuous stream of movement to and from your website, (via your Social Media links) will provide Google with fresh content; keeping all Search Engines happy.

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